Human Capital Development

Performance Management Systems

To achieve higher returns on people investment, we help organizations to customize strategies for managing integrated talent practices to Attract, develop, motivate, retain and strengthen the pipeline of committed talent throughout the business.

Human Capital Practices:

We focus in the development of core Human Capital practices such as:

  • Job Analysis& Job Description
  • Workforce analysis
  • Employee Opinion and Work Climate Surveys
  • Competency Based Performance Development & Evaluation Systems
  • Job Potenial Assesment
  • Development of Core competencies at Functional and Organizational Level     
  • Human Capital Planning
  • Employee Branding Strategies
  • “Onboarding” Strategies

Employee Branding

We help in the construction of a differentiating Employer Brand that enhances the attraction and retention of talents. We build organizational strategies to position organizations before potential labor audiences, managing the image of the organization as an attractive and excellent place to work.
Employee Branding is based on the elaboration of a comprehensive value proposition towards the potential employee to choose to work in the organization.